I will work tirelessly on your behalf

When I was representing the 3rd district in the house in 2011-12, I worked long and a hard for the people of our community. When I read in the Morning Sun that our current House Representative had time to watch Netflix while in office, I knew I needed to run.

We cannot have a representative not working around the clock to get things done. After further investigation I learned that my opponent voted 96% with her party (Kan Focus). I will vote for the people.

Help me to help you—vote for someone who has been there.


I will serve the people I care about

I work in the computer industry which requires me to stay on top the latest technology, and new threats to the safety of the network. This fundamental philosophy will continue to guide me as I serve in the Kansas House. 

I have spent my adult life listening and working with and for the people of this area. My job has taken me too many different places and there are no better people than the people who live here. There is a kindness and a devotion to family and community that is rare in other parts of the country. I want to give back what this area has given to me.

Community has always been important to me

Calloway for the people 

Kansas House of Representatives


Let’s Talk

I want to hear what you think. What can we do to make the Pittsburg Area better?

Elect Terry Calloway For The People As The Third District Representative In The Kansas House Of Representatives.