I know what we are up against because I've lived it

The economy falters, businesses close their doors, and jobs are lost. The future doesn’t look bright. Sound familiar? It should, because it’s been happening for many months. We’ve seen this before. The key is how we respond, the actions we take, and the hard work we’re willing to put in. I’ve lived it myself, and I know what it takes to right the ship.

Though times were tough I returned to college, earned a degree in computer science at Pittsburg State University, and opened my own technology consulting business. I’ve built it up and modified it when necessary to remain competitive. That’s what it takes when times are tough – hard work, focus, and efficiency. That’s the discipline I’ll take to Topeka when I’m elected to represent you, the people of the Pittsburg Area.

Help me to help you – vote for someone who has been there, one who is willing to work tirelessly on your behalf.


Commonsense leadership, less government and our second-amendment rights.

I’m inspired walking the neighborhoods of Pittsburg and hearing from The People who believe that integrity, fairness, and transparency should be the foundational blocks of our government at every level.

The job of a state representative is not one of taking the reins but of sharing the reins with The People. Our current Representative has been in office since 2004 and has completely lost touch with good, common sense and, even worse, with The People of the Pittsburg area.

Where I'm from shaped where I stand on the important issues.

Elect Terry Calloway for the people as the Third District Representative in the Kansas House of Representatives


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Elect Terry Calloway For The People As The Third District Representative In The Kansas House Of Representatives.