The issues facing Kansas

Our community needs a voice for the people not a party line. Our home needs to be a place where we can learn, live and grow. We must have a strong presence in Topeka to get the support we need.


Our community needs local industry that provides sustainable growth for our future generations. We seek to retain our citizens in well paid jobs. Networking with other communities can foster much needed support and growth opportunities.


Quality education provides the opportunity to grow and improve lives. We take pride in our educational opportunities from kindergarten to graduate degrees. Each level needs our support to keep up with local and global markets.

Health Care 

I have learned through personal experience how devastating health concerns can be on a family. I will work tirelessly to help Kansas families receive the medical benefits they need.

Public Safety

We must always feel safe to live and enjoy the beauty around us.

Calloway for the people 

Kansas House of Representatives


Let’s Talk

I want to hear what you think. What can we do to make the Pittsburg Area better?

Elect Terry Calloway For The People As The Third District Representative In The Kansas House Of Representatives.