Terry Calloway is a nationally recognized leader, adviser, and business professional. He is founder and President of Data Technique, Inc. an information technology professional services and software development company. Making the Computer Reseller News Fast Growth 100 list three times since 2001.

Known for clairvoyant thinking, Terry was invited to participate on the original Novell Internet Advisory Board. In 2009 Terry served on the CompTIA Advisory committee which established criteria for training and certification of cloud computing course-ware. Terry also serves on several boards and committees in governmental, academic, and industry settings, notably the Pittsburg State University College of Business Advisory board.

Terry was successful in running and holding public office in the Kansas State Legislature. In his first year of holding office he authored legislation dealing with tax loopholes, which was passed in both the House and the Senate and signed into law. Terry was appointed to the House Taxation, Education, and Health and Human Services committees.

Over the past 35 years Terry has met the challenge of an abundance of life’s experiences managing multi million-dollar projects at an early age Terry later starting and running more than one successful. The most successful, (Data Technique) focuses in the areas including security, technology infrastructure and enterprise accounts.

Terry’s career has demonstrated leaders are someone whom have the instinct to call on the right skills at the right time. Leadership is about giving credit not taking it, being able to focus on the short term without loosing sight of long term goals and truly caring for those whom you serve.

Highly adept at enlisting the support of others to accomplish a common task Terry is somebody from whom people follow.