We are proud of the people in our community.

We believe that the members of the communities in the Third District of Kansas deserve representation that is educated and experienced in truly listening to our citizens. The people of our district are proud of our accomplishments and believe that we will foster legislation that is responsible on all levels.

Elect Terry Calloway for the people as the Third District Representative in the Kansas House of Representatives


I vote for people, represent experience, and speak to people on their terms.

We have always been and will always be people who deserve representation based on pride for our people who live, learn, educate, and work together. I have and always will represent people and their pride in our district’s communities.

Our Public Education

We share pride for families and educational opportunities that give students possibilities to promote their individual imaginations, and experiences in leadership. 

Jobs and The Economy

I’ll lean on my years of business experience and join with others to ensure sustainable job growth for our future generations.


Taxes are essential but state revenue should be used wisely and carefully. I'll make sure our tax dollars are not wasted.

Health Care 

One of my top priorities will be to address the health care problem at the state level. I’ll fight to provide adequate health care benefits for their employees.


Let's Talk

We would like to hear from you! This form is for the people of the Third District of Kansas to contact Terry Calloway. Please fill out the form to start the conversation.

Elect Terry Calloway For The People As The Third District Representative In The Kansas House Of Representatives.